Why have you been so quiet, dear blog?

It’s been a quiet winter around the GameHex halls. (This can be irrefutably, painfully proven through my weblog stats.) It’s a consequence of my own self-imposed gag order, as much has been in flux over the past six months. But the dust has finally settled, and it finally feels like a good time to share what exactly has been going on.

When I started blogging on GameHex, I was looking for kindred spirits in the narrow field of video game research. There aren’t very many game developers and publishers with enough success to sustain a long-term investment in consumer or market research, which made it difficult to exchange best practices. Or war stories. But in my efforts at outreach, I was inadvertently sucked into the broader market research “MRX” social cloud. I met many great people, had many inspiring conversations, dreamed some crazy ideas, and brought all of that energy back to my client-side role.

For many reasons, some professional but mostly personal, I’ve been in the process of flipping back to the vendor side of the bench. My new agency, Insights Meta, is now up and running and we’re doing some cool work with many of my favorite topics: Google Consumer Surveys, survey gamification, and creative data-driven storytelling. I’m very excited about all of these things, and hope to find ways of sharing some of these activities with the broader research community.

The first stop on that tour is the Insights Innovation Exchange conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’ll be speaking there about [insert top secret topic here], and hope to meet up with old and new friends. (PRO TIP: USE DISCOUNT CODE SPEAKERS TO SAVE 20%)

I’d also like to encourage you to check out the Insight Innovation Competition Idea Board, which has some interesting ideas for new methodologies and services. (Be sure to click over and vote for my submission while you’re there!)

Most of my energy is now focused on getting Insights Meta off to a healthy start, which means unfortunately that my GameHex blogging time will remain diminished. I’ll be continuing to blog and post, but most of the content will be channeled through the Insights Meta blog — so change your links.

Short URL: http://bit.ly/14ZErlw

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Jason Anderson is an entrepreneurially minded thinker, speaker, and technologist with an eye for trendspotting. He manages global consumer insights at Blizzard Entertainment, a premier global publisher of entertainment software. He's also managed business intelligence teams at Microsoft Xbox and led the consulting practice at International Development Group, a boutique agency catering to the needs of the interactive entertainment industry.
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